Pickup and Delivery Apps: Comparison To Boost Your Business

, 21-May-2024

Pickup and Delivery Apps are vital pillars behind the exceptional growth of Online Food Delivery Market.

The Indian Online Food Delivery Market is growing at a CAGR of 21.78% from 2023-2027 and is projected to reach a size of US$73.38 billion by 2027. A number of factors, including the increasing connectivity of the internet, a broad range of cuisines available, rising adoption of smartphones, growing customer preferences, etc., drive the growth of this market.

The Pickup and Delivery Apps have amazingly bypassed the old sluggish ways of how people access their favorite meals and groceries. 

Benefits of a Pickup and Delivery App

There are endless benefits to investing in a pickup and delivery app and some of the major benefits include the following:

Reach New Customers

Having a pickup and delivery app will help you reach new customers who might not have been aware of your business otherwise. Strengthen your customer base by expanding your horizon to markets beyond your local region.

Operational Efficiency

Simplify and optimize your pickup and delivery operations with an automated pickup and delivery app. This technology solution lowers the risk of errors throughout the ordering process. From order placement to delivery, having a pickup and delivery app will allow every stage to be executed with optimum accuracy. 

Real-Time Tracking and Notifications

Real-Time Tracking of orders is a complete win-win for both the business and the customers. While it allows you to keep a close track of where your rider is, the customer gets to know about the progress of their orders. This can be achieved by having a pickup and delivery app that sends on-time notifications to customers. 

Drive Repeat Business

Customers are more likely to choose your offerings repeatedly when the orders are easily delivered to them. This strengthens their loyalty towards your business.   

Increase Average Order Value

When clients order from a pickup and delivery app, they tend to explore the menu and order more. This leads to a boost in your revenue per order. 

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Key Features to Look For in the Pickup and Delivery App

When choosing a pickup and delivery app, it is important to look for some features that align with your brand needs. Following are some of the key features of a pickup and delivery app:

Integration with Popular Payment Gateways

Customers prefer using apps that offer quick, secure, and reliable payment methods. Thus, one of the most crucial features you must look for when choosing pickup and delivery apps is their smooth integration with multiple payment gateways. A reliable pickup and delivery app should offer secure and convenient payment options, including credit/debit cards, UPI, digital wallets, etc.

Rider Apps for Easy Ordering and Task Management

Opting for a pickup and delivery app with the inclusion of a dedicated rider app is a big plus for your business that boosts efficiency in delivery operations. With a dedicated rider app, you can conveniently manage your orders, allocate tasks to riders, view delivery statistics, and much more. Furthermore, the easy-to-use interface enables riders to receive and manage orders effectively.

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Marketing and Promotion Tools to Acquire New Customers

Retaining existing customers is undeniably the vital KPI of any business, and in particular, the F&B business. However, the aim should also be to acquire new customers. While choosing a Pickup and Delivery App, look for those that come equipped with advanced marketing and promotional tools tailored to your business goals. Loyalty Programs, Targeted Promotional Campaigns, Discounted Offers, etc., will help you broaden your customer base while addressing the continual challenge of acquiring new customers.

Analytics and Reports to Understand Ordering Patterns

Look for an app equipped with advanced analytics and reporting tools that deliver important insights into customer ordering patterns. The ability to identify peak ordering hours, well-liked menu items, and customer preferences allows business owners to make data-driven decisions.

Customizable Menus and Product Catalogues

The uniqueness of your business should be highly reflected in your pickup and delivery app. Thus, it is important to choose an app that makes it easy to customize menus, pricing, and product catalogues. With this feature, you will be able to effectively manage inventory, highlight your new offerings, and cater to evolving customer preferences. All of this will help you keep your app in line with both your brand identity and customer expectations.

3PL Integrations 

When the talk is about pickup and delivery, the importance of seamless logistics cannot be underestimated, especially for restaurants without in-house delivery riders. Thus, choosing an app integrated with reputable delivery partners would be a great benefit for your business if you face challenges with managing self riders. These integrations will guarantee that your delicious offerings are delivered to your customers with the same care that goes into their preparation.

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Best Pickup and Delivery Apps That We Like and Why

uEngage Flash

Third-Party Riders? Check! Real-Time Order Tracking? Check! POS Integration? Check! Everything a business can desire to achieve smooth and fast deliveries can be served by one of the Best Delivery Management System in India, uEngage Flash. Furthermore, uEngage Flash is also a one-stop solution for businesses in managing self-deliveries at a highly affordable cost of just Rs. 2 ( GST). uEngage Flash operates across all major Indian cities and promises superfast, cost-effective, and reliable Point A to Point B deliveries 


Zomato, one of the leading food delivery apps in India, caters to a broad range of food options. The app holds a 4.4 rating on Google Play and 4.6 on the App Store, which indicates a positive customer experience. Zomato’s broad reach covers 60 Indian cities which allows millions of monthly orders from a large customer base. Zomato usually imposes a 15-22% commission per order to restaurants, GST and payment gateway charges. Furthermore, the reliability of this pickup and delivery app is further solidified by its renowned investors like Sequoia Capital and Ant Group.


With a 4.4 rating on Google Play and App Store, Swiggy acts as a prominent player in the food pickup and delivery landscape. It offers a range of features catered to F&B businesses, including prompt delivery, different payment methods, order tracking, and more. The commission structure of Swiggy involves 15-30%, depending on the range of orders placed from the restaurant. 


Dunzo, a leading delivery service platform, is known for its features designed for optimum convenience for both businesses and customers. Dunzo’s commission fee structure is based on the type of delivery and the nature of the partnership with stores. This pickup and delivery app is backed by reputable investors, including Google, Lightbox, Alteria Capital, Evolvence, and more, which highlights its accountability.


The on-demand delivery app Blinkit, formerly Grofers, has made it extremely easy and convenient for people across the country to acquire their daily essentials. The app serves an extensive range of items including fresh fruits, vegetables, groceries, gadgets, daily household items, and much more. Other than a 4.5 rating on the Play Store and App Store, the app is also known for delivering items in cardboard boxes or eco-friendly bags. 

Big Basket

Containing more than 18,000 products from over 100 brands, Big Basket is considered next among the top pickup and delivery apps that we like. The company has an impressive on-time delivery rate of 99.3% and an order-filling rate of 99.5%. The commission structure of Big Basket varies for different business categories, including Chocolates, Flowers, Savories, Sweets, Ayurveda & Cosmetics, Raw Meat & Fish, Cakes & Bakery, Tea, and more.

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