uEngage Integrates with Ola to Streamline Delivery Operations

, 26-Mar-2024

uEngage is thrilled to integrate its robust delivery management platform with the popular ride-hailing platform Ola to offer businesses a simplified solution for managing their delivery operations. The ride-hailing app referred to it as a "start to an all-electric logistics ecosystem in India,"  in which deliveries will be done via electric scooters starting at Rs 25 for deliveries up to 5km. With this integration, businesses now have access to Ola’s broad network of drivers.

Benefits of the uEngage-Ola Integration For Your Business

uEngage-Ola integration offers an end-to-end solution to businesses struggling with managing deliveries and helps them strengthen their delivery business. Take a closer look at the benefits of this robust integration for your business:

Access Ola’s Vast Network of Drivers

One major advantage F&B businesses can enjoy with this integration is leveraging Ola’s vast fleet of drivers. This extensive network will enable your business to fulfill huge order volumes without being restricted by your own fleet size.

Dynamic Allocation of Orders to Drivers

uEngage Flash utilizes intelligent algorithms to dynamically allocate orders to Ola drivers according to their real-time locations. The system finds the nearest available rider to the business as soon as the order is placed. Based on this proximity, deliveries are completed more swiftly without compromising food quality.

Integration with POS Systems

This integration will further streamline the integration with your POS system which ensures smooth management of orders. Just when the order is punched into the POS, it will flow to your delivery management software and be quickly assigned to Ola drivers with just a few clicks without switching platforms. Moreover, you can have quick access to complete order details and customer preferences right from your POS screen.

Key Features of uEngage Flash

Pay attention to the features of uEngage that businesses can enjoy with this integration:

Comprehensive Dashboard

uEngage Flash offers a comprehensive dashboard to deliver a holistic view of every aspect of your delivery operations. With this dashboard, you acquire complete access to order details, real-time order statuses, rider details, estimated delivery times, active riders, and much more - all in one place. 

Real-Time Rider Tracking

uEngage Flash offers businesses real-time visibility into their ongoing order status. This real-time tracking will allow you to keep an eye on orders from the minute they leave your kitchen until they arrive at your customer’s doorstep. 

Rider Management

uEngage Flash simplifies rider management for businesses with advanced tools to track and monitor their riders. You get an aggregated view of all riders segmented by multiple statuses, including active, inactive, idle, disabled, and more. Furthermore, uEngage Flash also improves the way you manage your riders with features like rider KYC, attendance records, location tracking in real-time, and much more.

3PL Integrations

3PL integrations with reputable delivery partners is one another key feature of uEngage Flash. The platform offers smooth integrations with leading food delivery services like Dunzo, LoadShare, Shadowfax, and Zomato Xtreme. With the latest addition of Ola to the lineup of third-party delivery partners, businesses now have access to one of India’s largest fleets. 

Competitive Benefit: Affordable Pricing, Scalable Solution 

uEngage’s integration with Ola enables F&B businesses to fully reap the potential of food deliveries. With this smooth integration, enterprises no longer have to restrict their delivery operations because of a limited fleet size, as they get access to a vast fleet of drivers registered on the Ola platform. Although delivery management systems offer software tools, they somehow lack the physical infrastructure required to ensure profitable scaling of deliveries.

With uEngage-Ola integration, you can scale up your delivery volumes without drastically expanding your fleet. This also means smooth delivery operations, no fleet limitations, and, above all, no outrageous fees or hidden costs. 

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