Decoding WhatsApp Ordering for Restaurants | Its Meaning and Benefits

, 11-Jan-2024

WhatsApp has emerged as one of the most widely used messaging apps, with over 2 billion users globally and more than 500 million users in India alone. This staggering user base offers an excellent opportunity for restaurants to connect with their customers via “WhatsApp Ordering”.

In this article, uEngage will provide you with an in-depth insight into What is WhatsApp Ordering, its benefits, and how restaurant owners like you can enable it for your business. 

What is WhatsApp Ordering?

WhatsApp Ordering is an online ordering solution for restaurants and F&B businesses. It serves as an automated system that allows customers to place orders directly through the WhatsApp chat interface. Customers can browse your restaurant’s menu, view item categories, customize their orders, add items to their cart, make payments, and complete the whole ordering process - all within WhatsApp. 

Benefits of WhatsApp Ordering to F&B Businesses

Have a look at the major benefits of WhatsApp Ordering to F&B businesses: 

Menu Visibility

With WhatsApp Ordering, restaurants give their customers access to a full menu within the WhatsApp platform. They can showcase their menu items, combos, add-ons, special offers, latest additions, etc., within the WhatsApp chat window. Restaurants allow customers to place orders by themselves without any inconvenience by showcasing the complete menu in one centralized location. 

This further benefits restaurants by promoting special offers and high-margin items. They can also attract their customers with tailored recommendations based on order history and chat preferences through these in-chat menus. Thus, restaurants can gather higher order values with full menu visibility of WhatsApp Ordering.

Automated Bot Responses

WhatsApp Ordering allows restaurants to benefit from automated bot responses that manage the complete customer ordering process. These smart bots can take orders, collect order details, send payment links, verify received payments, manage customer communication, notify customers of delivery status updates, and much more. This complete order cycle is simplified with the automated system without any requirement of manual effort from restaurant staff.

With these automated bot responses, you can guarantee Quick Food Delivery via WhatsApp to all your customers. Furthermore, they also reduce human errors that may cause delays or miscommunication with customers. 

Multiple Payment Options

It has been proven that easy and flexible payment options increase the conversion rates of food orders and reduce the number of abandoned customer orders. This is why, multiple payment options are counted as another crucial benefit offered by WhatsApp Ordering to restaurants. Restaurant owners can integrate multiple payment platforms directly with WhatsApp like Credit/Debit Cards, UPI, Digital Wallets, Net Banking, and more. 

These embedded payment links allow customers to make payments within the chat window in just a few clicks. You don’t need to make your customers land on other apps to make the payments as they can do it without even leaving the WhatsApp chat. Moreover, the integration of payment channels with WhatsApp Ordering also leads to faster payments and fewer missed payments.

Instant Access to Order Details

One imperative benefit of WhatsApp Ordering for restaurants is the instant access to order details. Just when an order is placed over WhatsApp, the complete details will automatically flow into your restaurant’s dashboard or any POS system you use. This offers your staff real-time visibility into the complete online details as they start processing and fulfilling the order. 

Feedback Link

Customers rarely take a moment to go to your app and write feedback for your restaurant. However, they won’t mind providing one if no extra step of visiting your app is included. Here, WhatsApp Ordering plays an important role. WhatsApp Ordering allows restaurants to send an automated feedback link to customers once their order has been successfully delivered.

This feedback link into the existing WhatsApp chat generates a lot more responses than directing customers to a separate app or website. This is because customers are already active on the platform. 

A Complete Guide to WhatsApp Ordering for Restaurants

Now that you are fully aware of what exactly WhatsApp Ordering is and how it can benefit your business, you must be wondering what steps are involved in enabling it for your restaurant. How to take orders on WhatsApp? Is there any specific requirement to integrate it? 

Well, uEngage has answers to all your questions. WhatsApp Ordering powered by uEngage Edge is a reliable solution for restaurants. The process boils down to three prerequisites mentioned below:

  1. A Facebook Business Manager Account 
  2. A WhatsApp Business API Account (dedicated only for receiving and managing orders)
  3. A Facebook Commerce Catalog with an active feed (to connect with your WhatsApp Business API Account) 

And done! You can now start accepting orders over WhatsApp. 

One crucial thing that you need to provide us among the above prerequisites is the Facebook Business Manager Account. This connects and manages all other digital assets to enable WhatsApp Ordering. As for the WhatsApp Business API Account and Facebook Commerce Catalog, we can help you manage their optimization and configuration as per your restaurant’s ordering needs. All you need to share is your Facebook Business Manager details, and let uEngage Edge take care of the rest!

WhatsApp Ordering solution is pivotal to scale conversions, automate customer marketing, and increase revenue, and uEngage Edge can be an end-to-end solution to help you enable it for your business. 

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