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Dependo Delivery Service

Dependo provides end-to-end logistic solutions for pan India and specializes in the eCommerce domain. They have expertise in last-mile delivery services for all the delivery needs with the functionality of real-time tracking that helps in providing scalable delivery options in a short time.


Attributes Helping You Manage Your Restaurant Business

  • Last-mile Delivery

    Ensures the last step of the delivery process quick and efficient to keep up with increasing consumer demand for the speedy shipping.
  • Reverse Logistics

    The products that are returned by the customers are easily moved back to their origin without much complication. Hence, making the purchase return process easy for the customers.
  • Outsourced Distribution Center Management

    If expertise and dedicated resources are not available to manage an internal or external distribution function, Dependo handles that aspect for you.
  • Doorstep Pick Up and Delivery

    The rider will pick the customer from the exact location the person is located and drop exactly at the place where they need to be.
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