The Ultimate Guide to Delivery Management Software

, 19-Jan-2024

Businesses of all sizes, from small-scale businesses to large enterprises, aim to streamline all their operations, and effective management of delivery comes out to be the first major aspect. This is where the dynamic need for good Delivery Management and Order Tracking Software emerges.

Delivery Management Software is a robust logistics tool that helps businesses manage their deliveries and deliver orders to customers more promptly, affordably, and accurately.

At its core, it offers an easy and streamlined way for businesses to cut costs while seamlessly taking care of your deliveries in a few clicks so you can focus on growing your business. The software achieves this by optimizing crucial processes, including order processing, real-time tracking, and rider management, as well as taking over the less crucial tasks. 

In this Ultimate Guide to Delivery Management Software, uEngage will help you choose the best delivery management software rightly suited to your business needs. 

Main Features and Capabilities of Delivery Management Software

Scheduling and Dispatch

The foundation of efficient delivery operations lies in expert scheduling and dispatching of orders, and robust delivery management software is known to excel in this area.

This Delivery Management System eliminates the need for manual scheduling by automating scheduling processes. It allows businesses to automatically schedule orders according to certain factors, including delivery zones, peak hours, resources at hand, and more.

Real-Time Order Tracking

Real-Time Order Tracking is considered one of the main features of Delivery Management Software. This feature allows restaurant owners to keep a close eye on the live location of their riders, track order status, and provide accurate delivery estimates to customers. 

Seamless Integration with POS

Delivery Management Software that can be integrated with your restaurant’s POS can eradicate several unwanted hassles of your business. With the POS integration, restaurants can track sales, make updates to the menu, control inventory levels, and do a lot more - all from a centralized platform. 

Real-Time Alerts to Customers

Customers love it when they get real-time notifications about their orders. A top-tier delivery management software sends automated alerts and updates to customers - from order confirmation, preparation, dispatch, rider details, and estimated delivery times.

This proactive communication sets clear expectations among customers and increases reliability towards the business.

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Why Do You Need Delivery Management Software?

Opting for Delivery Management Software is not just a choice for businesses anymore. It has become indispensable, and for all right reasons. Look at the vital reasons why you need a Delivery Management Software:

Increased Orders

A recent survey suggested that 61% of Indians prefer having their favorite food delivered at home rather than dining out. How can businesses leverage this preference? By offering quick and secure deliveries to customers.

This can be achieved by integrating their restaurant with solid Delivery Management Software. With features like smooth management of riders, and real-time tracking, Delivery Management Software not only improves the efficiency of the delivery process but also contributes to increasing order volume.

Cost Savings 

The implementation of good Delivery Management Software is an intelligent decision for restaurants looking to reduce unwanted expenses without affecting the efficiency of their delivery services.

It can help you achieve cost savings and cut your restaurant expenses in multiple ways. Furthermore, the software can automate several important tasks which in turn reduces manual errors, and ultimately, leads to lower labor expenses. 

Integration with Third-Party Platforms

A restaurant that integrates its business with well-known third-party delivery apps is more likely to achieve smooth and successful deliveries than one that faces constant challenges in managing in-house riders. A robust Delivery Management Software helps businesses to integrate with popular third-party delivery platforms so they can get away with the hassle of handling self-riders or those who do not own in-house riders.

Complete Control Over Deliveries

Gone are the days of not knowing the live location of your riders, order status, delivery timelines, etc. With good Delivery Management Software, you gain real-time control and visibility into the whole delivery process. Be it tracking the progress of each on-the-go delivery, arrival time frames, or current location of the rider, the software allows you to have complete control right at your fingertips.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

With superfast deliveries, real-time notifications of their orders, and constant support, you are only going to improve customer satisfaction. Delivery process streamlined by reliable Delivery Management Software only leads to increased customer loyalty and experience. 

How to Choose the Right Delivery Tracking & Management Software?

Following are some of the vital factors that businesses should majorly consider when choosing the right Delivery Management Software:

Ease of Use

The first and foremost thing you should look for when choosing a Delivery Management Software is the ease of use and implementation. Even if the features offered seem all good and up-to-the-minute, it’s of no use if the setup involves a lot of complexities. Therefore, choose Delivery Management Software that offers a clear setup so you can adopt the system faster, grasp the functionalities quickly, and experience fewer challenges afterwards.

Mobile App

What if you get every delivery-related information, including order tracking, rider availability, and rider details - all on one app? A tailored rider app for your business would be so easy for you to manage everything within a single platform, without having to juggle multiple domains. Well, choosing the right Delivery Management Software will help you with just that. Check that the mobile app offered by the system provides the flexibility required to handle deliveries while on the go.


The ability of Delivery Management Software relies upon its capacity to seamlessly integrate with other crucial components within your business ecosystem. Such integrations speed up and simplify the delivery processes while saving you from the headache of constantly switching between apps. Hence, choose the delivery management software that integrates seamlessly with your POS solution, 3PL providers, and other required integrations.


Your delivery volume will increase alongside the rising popularity of your business. When you choose a system that easily scales with your growth, you invest in the reliability of your restaurant’s delivery operations. The right delivery management software caters to a long term scalability of all your hyperlocal delivery needs.

Thus, choose a Delivery Management Software that can scale with the increasing number of orders, delivery zones, and complexities that come along with the growth, with optimum ease. 

Our Top 3 Recommendations


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Shipsy is an AI-powered platform that drives efficiency in businesses by optimizing, tracking, and simplifying end-to-end logistics. 

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Why Should You Trust Our Recommendations?

At uEngage, we stand as industry leaders when it comes to food delivery and rider management. We are renowned as experts in this sector and have acquired an in-depth understanding of even the smallest details of the F&B businesses. We truly understand the hustle and challenges restaurant owners face and what needs to be done accurately to make customers happy and satisfied. 

uEngage does not profit from any of its recommendations. Our utmost priority is to serve you with unbiased recommendations that are unaltered from any other influences. Additionally, they are driven with the sole commitment to provide restaurant owners with the best solutions available. You can be rest assured that the recommendations you receive are given from a leading Delivery Management Software itself, and are free from any external factors.

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