uEngage Integrates Zomato Xtreme for Hyperlocal Delivery Management and Order Tracking

, 19-Jan-2024

uEngage is thrilled to integrate Zomato’s latest launch, ‘Xtreme’ with their own Delivery Management and Order Tracking Platform, uEngage Flash.

What is Xtreme by Zomato?

Xtreme by Zomato is a service that will allow merchants to send and receive small parcels to broaden the revenue sources of the businesses and leverage its extensive network of delivery partners. This groundbreaking logistics service, Xtreme by Zomato, sets a new benchmark in the intra-city logistics space by allowing merchants to send intra-city packages with a weight limit of 10kg at a starting price of Rs. 35.

Furthermore, Zomato Xtreme promises a seamless delivery experience to customers, coupled with the accessibility of real-time tracking and transparency throughout the delivery process. While it is only available for Android users at present, it holds a whopping 300,000 delivery partners under its belt and offers businesses a convenient way to track shipments.  

Integration of Zomato Xtreme with uEngage Flash

The integration of Zomato Xtreme with uEngage Flash will transform the delivery management and order tracking process for businesses. With its integration with uEngage Flash, Zomato Xtreme now has access to a potent delivery management and order tracking platform. Due to its seamless integration and vast fleet, Zomato Xtreme can provide a better experience for both businesses and customers.

uEngage Flash already has 3PL integrations with several leading logistics players such as Dunzo, LoadShare, and Shadowfax, and has cemented its reputation as a reliable and efficient platform for businesses who are in need of simplified logistics solutions. With its user-friendly interface and robust capabilities, uEngage Flash provides businesses the ability to effectively manage and track their deliveries, which results in a hassle-free and ultimate experience. It streamlines complex logistics operations with real-time tracking, delivery management, end-to-end rider management, and much more. All of these advancements altogether improve the overall delivery efficiency of businesses which contribute to ultimate customer satisfaction.

uEngage has robust integrations with well-known POS solutions such as PetPooja and Rista by DotPe. uEngage Flash makes it convenient for businesses to assign orders directly to their delivery riders or 3PLs. What does this mean? Businesses with their own delivery fleet can leverage the well-maintained dashboard of uEngage Flash where they can assign orders to the riders directly from their POS, view on-duty & off-duty riders, enable geo-fencing, analyze self delivery and 3PL delivery stats, go through the rider summary, and do various other delivery-related tasks. Additionally, they can ensure flawless management and real-time tracking of their delivery operations with the added features of a dedicated rider app, rider movement tracking, real-time delivery updates to customers, and a lot more.

How will this integration help businesses?

Due to the seamless integration of Xtreme by Zomato with uEngage Flash, businesses of all sizes can expect a large array of benefits and some of them are as follows:

Efficient Logistics Management

The integration of Xtreme with uEngage Flash allows businesses to manage their logistics operations effectively and promise prompt and cost-effective deliveries. This will ultimately improve operational efficiency and save overhead expenses. With this integration, uEngage has effectively contributed to the development of a seamless and user-friendly ecosystem, equipping businesses with the necessary resources to expand their operations and provide customers with an enhanced and hassle-free delivery experience.

Streamlined Delivery Operations

The integration of Zomato Xtreme with uEngage Flash allows businesses to optimize the whole delivery management process, which involves real-time tracking, and quick order processing. It minimizes the logistical difficulties that businesses often face which further results in streamlined delivery operations and better customer satisfaction.

Strong 3PL Reliability Enabled by Zomato’s Fleet

One of the notable benefits of this integration lies in the unparalleled and vast geographical coverage brought on by the large fleet of Zomato. The robust 3PL service offered by the integration of Zomato Xtreme with uEngage goes beyond the boundaries of the F&B industry. It allows businesses of all kinds across industries to effortlessly manage their hyperlocal deliveries from point A to point B. Hence, uEngage Flash serves as an excellent and reliable solution for any business requiring seamless management and tracking of deliveries, irrespective of the size and industry.

With the blend of seamless delivery management capabilities of uEngage Flash and the large fleet of Zomato, this integration will mark a groundbreaking transformation in the future of hyperlocal logistics.

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