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, 17-May-2024

All these years, restaurants struggled to survive in the online food industry as private aggregators regulated the terms and imposed high commissions. But then, a powerful network backed by the Government of India (GOI) appeared, ONDC (Open Network for Digital Commerce). With a keen objective to disrupt the current e-commerce framework, ONDC offers restaurants more power than ever. In this article by uEngage, we will walk you through the process to Onboard Your Restaurant For FREE With The Best ONDC Seller App, uEngage ONDC.

ONDC aims to broaden the reach of e-commerce to 25% of India’s consumer purchases in the next two years,  which is currently 8%. It is here to make a dent in the whole e-commerce and online food industry. It promises to break digital monopolistic structures and open up new opportunities for micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) to independently join e-commerce marketplaces. It is a non-profit e-commerce network that intends to democratize digital commerce by moving it from a platform-centric model to an open network. 

ONDC went above and beyond to make this initiative a big hit in the e-commerce industry. It is taking the e-commerce industry by storm by eliminating aggregators charging hefty commissions like Zomato & Swiggy, just like UPI did in the payments sector a few years back to lessen the high transaction fees charged by MasterCard and Visa. This article by uEngage will shed light on the steps that you can follow to Onboard Your Restaurant For FREE With The Best ONDC Seller App, uEngage ONDC. 

ONDC - A Boon To Your Business

With all the buzz revolving around ONDC, it has become quite obvious that this can bring a new, progressive wave to your e-commerce business.  ONDC approached the up-to-date ecosystem experts and studied the best practices to make advancements in the platform. This is in an effort to establish trust among buyers, sellers, and network participants like buyer apps, seller apps, and payment gateways in a decentralized network. 

ONDC is a positive step towards a non-partial system where both the restaurant and the customer enjoy the benefit. The affordable commission structure of ONDC has brought a win-win situation for both sellers and buyers where sellers list their products at their actual price and buyers get products with less prices as compared to the aggregators. This helps restaurants to build a feasible connection with the end customer.

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Onboard Your Restaurant For FREE With Best ONDC Seller App

How Does ONDC Works? | Explained by uEngage

Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) is a platform that acts as a mediator layer between the buyer's apps and seller’s apps, bringing together both the buyers and sellers in one place. This platform offers a unique and centralized plan of action that allows consumers or users to explore better options, compare rates, and order from big-scale or even the small-scale vendors.

Qualities of Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC)

Before you Onboard Your Restaurant For FREE With The Best ONDC Seller App, uEngage ONDC, let us discuss a few qualities of ONDC. The Open Network for Digital Commerce is a platform that provides several key benefits for sellers and buyers including:

Reduced Rates

One key quality of ONDC is that the prices here at this platform are much lower as compared to several other online food delivery platforms. It offers consumers better affordability and allows them to save their hard-earned money on their orders.

Empowering Small-Scale Enterprises

ONDC offers a helping hand to local sellers and small-scale businesses to reach a wider customer base by allowing them seamless integration into a shared platform. In turn, consumers can gain access to a broad spectrum of products that might be available on other eCommerce platforms.

Enhanced Options

The platform of ONDC (Open Network for Digital Commerce) brings together several e-commerce sellers with a wide range of options at enticing prices.

Backed by Government

One fine quality of ONDC is that it is backed by the DPIIT (Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade) of the GOI (Government of India). Thus, it offers the users 100% assurance and credibility.

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Low Commissions ↓ Consumer Base ↑

With ONDC, you’ll not only save money on commissions but will also attract a large customer base. How? When you are not on the curb of paying high commissions to private food aggregators like Zomato and Swiggy, you will be able to charge the actual price for your products as in-store prices. This will allow your customers to enjoy lower prices than what they pay on Zomato and Swiggy, resulting in a large pool of customers. 

Buyer Apps Integrated With ONDC

The buyer apps linked with ONDC including Paytm, Pincode by PhonePe, Magicpin, Craftsvilla, Spice Money, Mystore, Meesho, and IDFC Bank act as online storefronts, where sellers can list their product catalog for wider visibility. They equally contributed to this significant transition in the e-commerce landscape. The Buyer Apps make it possible for customers across India to compare the products and prices of different sellers registered on ONDC and make an accurate choice that fits their needs and preferences. Buyer Apps have their own customs charges, like Paytm and Pincode charges 3% and 5% respectively, in addition to GST. 

Onboard Your Restaurant For FREE With Best ONDC Seller App

Contribution of uEngage - Best ONDC Seller App

There are multiple ONDC Seller Apps in the market that may assist restaurant owners to onboard to ONDC. However, it requires a proficient name that can help you grow your business from scratch, by providing you all the tools and equipment you may need during the whole process. Well, the Best ONDC Seller App, uEngage can play this vital role for your business. 

With uEngage, restaurants may onboard their businesses onto ONDC in a few minutes which will introduce a whole new universe of opportunities for them. The flat charges of uEngage are the lowest in the entire ONDC ecosystem, i.e., 2% GST. From KYC Verifications and a controlled dashboard to smooth catalog listing and payment linking methods, we can help you with complete ONDC requirements.

3PL Integrations With Popular Logistics Companies

It is ensured that uEngage is your ultimate partner to onboard your store on ONDC without any hassle. But what about the overall logistics? Well, it’s simple and convenient. uEngage has third-party integrations with reputed logistics companies like Dunzo, and Shadowfax. With our 3PL Integrations, you are completely free from the logistics arena since we assign riders to take orders directly from your restaurants. This completely wipes out the need to hire your own logistics fleet. Moreover, our smooth and fast delivery services allow your customers to have a better delivery experience than they had with other food delivery platforms. 

Quick Overview of Commercials

  • uEngage has flat Charges (2% GST , it's the lowest in the whole ONDC ecosystem
  • Buyer Apps have their custom charges (For e.g. Paytm charges 3% / Phonepe Pincode Charges 5%) GST
  • For 3rd Party Delivery (Dunzo, etc.), Delivery Charges will be paid to Dunzo/3PL by uEngage (Collected from the Customer)
  • Payment Cycle - Weekly 
  • From Bill Amount, a Total 5-7% GST will be deducted and transferred to the Outlet

Sample Calculation of an ONDC Order Amount:






Cart Value (example)




Delivery Charges (example)


to be paid by uEngage to Dunzo as charges






GST (5%)


to be paid by uEngage to Govt as GST






Buyer App Charges (3% to5%)


3% GST as example


uEngage Seller App Charges (2% Fixed)




Restaurant Gets( D-B-C-E-F)



Onboard your store to ONDC in just five minutes with uEngage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) is a GOI (Government of India) backed initiative that aims to transform the complete e-commerce ecosystem in India.

ONDC promotes better choices and enhanced competition. It supports small-scale business, provide discounts, improve efficiency and also promotes fairness in the market.

Open Network for Digital Commerce is currently live in locations including Maharashtra, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi NCR, Kolkata, Hyderabad, etc.

uEngage is the Best ONDC Seller App that allows you to unlock then full potential of your ecommerce platform.

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